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What are the top 10 films to watch to get into Bollywood?

The library of Indian movies is big that choosing the top 10 Bollywood movies of all time is quite a task. Bollywood movies are quite the extravaganza and they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. That is why we have decided to put together a list of top 10 Bollywood movies of all time for you guys.
It is very tough to point out just ten films from the Bollywood industry that spans more than 100 years. But these films have a significant impact on the general public and changed the face of cinema. 

You must watch the movies if you love best Bollywood movies of all time. We are not saying that Bollywood produces only these types of, but these would be a good reference point for people who are unknown Hindi Cinema. You can also watch the best Bollywood movies 2019 to see what they are producing right now. 

Top 10 must-watch movies (Bollywood)

Mughal-e-Azam – It is one of the most iconic films to come out of the Indian film industry; it took nearly ten years to shoot the movie. The movie tells an inspiring tale of Mughal prince’s romance with a court dancer. The film was released in 1960 and had musicals, dialogues, and the chemistry between the leading actors. 

Sholay – Sholay is one of the most iconic Indian films that defined an era of cinema. It is a cocktail of classic western with a bit of drama, comedy, songs, and vibrancy. The film has two of the biggest stars of the Indian cinema and they played the unforgettable characters of Indian cinema.

Ijaazat – You won’t find this movie in any of the top 10 Bollywood movies list of all time . Because it is one of the smaller films that is written and directed by the famous poet Gulzar, he is one of the few people in the industry that made an impact. 

DDLJ – The most iconic film that redefined the love stories forever; it was a star-studded affair. You will see the love story of forbidden love and the chemistry of the leading pair. This movie made Shah Rukh Khan the star he is today. 

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – It is a romantic story that is loosely inspired by the teen romances from Hollywood but the offers its take, and you should see it. 

Dil Chahta Hai – The film is about the friendship, romance, and relationships of the new India. The film is a trendsetter and it opened the doors for a flock of films to be made. 

Lagaan – Another Amir Khan starrer that explores the colonial era of India. But the film opted for a different route than the traditional one. It is a must-watch for everyone to understand the real India in the colonial era. 

Devdas – It is a Magnus opus that is loved by many people and hated by the same amount of people but the film is impossible to ignore. The film was adapted from a classic Indian novel of the same name. 

3 Idiots – it was one of the most appreciated movies of all time, it broke all the records upon its release. Because this movie found a sweet spot of what’s real and what is fantastical. It is one of the best-praised films in Indian cinema. 

Wake up Sid – This film dwells into the relationship of a modern young man which is beautifully crafted by the director. This film is one of the simple films that are easy to understand. 
So these are some of the movies that you should watch to get a taste of Famous Bollywood. These movies cover practically all bases to qualify for a typical Bollywood movie. You might ask why we haven’t included the best Bollywood movies 2019 or best Hindi movies 2018. It is because you might have seen them already, we have included the film with which you are not familiar. 

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